Security and surveillance systems that are custom

         designed to suit your desired area and your

                budget.  We have the experience and tools to

                      place a camera or sensor in just the right

                           spot to maximize your security coverage.

                               From residential homes and mansions

                                to industrial / commercial operations, 

                                     we can get you covered and protect

                                         what matters most. 

 ​​​CHS Home Theater

We have been performing

installs for well over 15 years

in a variety of homes and

businesses throughout the

Columbus area.  Our experience

and name brand products have

seen many performance dreams

become a reality.  Basement renovations,

upgrading existing theater technology, and

new construction dreams are just a few of the

services we can offer to make the most out of any viewing area.  Click to view our home theater site to

learn more and get your next project started right!


Home Theater Installations

Visit our complete home theater site to answer any questions you may have and peruse our gallery of previous installations.  We help set the standard high for your next movie performance without ever leaving your living room.  Explore the ambience and jaw dropping thunder of a 7.2 surround sound system when properly installed.  Make waves at parties or get the ultimate video game experience out of your next generation consoles.  Click below to learn more and get started fulfilling your performance dreams.

 Welcome to CHS of Columbus, Ohio.  We are

an electronic installation company that

specializes in Home Theater and Security

System products.  Due to our wide

range of products, and installation

options we have three available

pages to choose from.  Please

feel free to peruse our external

websites and choose which

installation would best

suit your next project.

Call us today   ( 614 ) 328-8749

Surveillance Cameras


A well thought out surveillance system can be a powerful tool when used against would be criminals.  With so many options available for surveillance, it becomes difficult to know if you're getting the most out of your video footage.  Let us answer those hard questions, install, replace, repair, or maintenance your surveillance system to minimize those "deadspots" and start catching every last detail.

                                                                   One Remotecontrols

                                                                   your entire system with a C.H.S

                                                                 home Automation Package.  

                                                               Arm/ Disarm your security system

                                                          from miles away.  View your camera

                                                     system right from your  smart phone ,

                                                dim lights, turn up the heat without leaving

                                             your bed.  The possibilities are endless.  And

                                     the options are growing with each new module

                                advancement.  Allow us to streamline your whole

                   network of devices to become easy to use, efficient, and    

           simple enough to operate without a lengthy set of instructions or several remotes cluttering up your house.  We feature many of the devices and phone applications below to assist your new automation home control system.

Total Security Systems


When used together security and surveillance systems are a powerful tool and deterrent.  Not only can the two help to inform the authorities of a robbery but it can create indisputable evidence to ensure justice is served.  From homes to barns, to factories, we have installed security systems in every facet of the business.  Come browse our available options and see for yourself the power of a total security system.